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Miura PP-9003 irons
Serious cavity backs for the serious golfer
March, 31, 2011 - Miura Golf, makers of what may be the highest quality irons
available, says it has no fixed schedule for bringing out new model clubs relying
rather on when technological advances warrant. Seemingly then, the time is
appropriate with the introduction of the Passing Point-9003 model forged cavity
back irons. The name refers to a golfer’s evolution as he passes the various
points in development of his game. However, regardless of what the name
stands for these are beautiful irons.

The sole is slightly larger than some other Miura forged irons and the leading edge
offset is designed for a clean look at address which is especially helpful for those
whose swing needs a little assistance getting the club face back to square.
Available April 1 in 4-iron through pitching wedge sets plus a gap wedge they are
priced at $1,575 for seven irons and $225 for individual irons.

Adam Barr, former business editor for the Golf Channel and currently president of
Miura was quoted as saying, "The PP-9003 irons are not only aesthetically pleasing,
but the incredible technology will help golfers of all handicap levels get the most out
of their games." Barr continued, "We are confident golfers will fall in love with the PP-
9003 irons, especially after they see their games improve."
Miura targeted the PP-9003s to be a stepping stone to their “better player” club
models and believes that anyone who plays the game deserves a great forged
club. This family company is run by founder and Chairman Katsuhiro Miura who
with his sons Yoshitaka and Shinei created the new model.

"Mr. Miura, Yoshitaka and Shinei have created another superb addition to the Miura
club line with the Passing Point 9003 irons," says Bill Holowaty, Executive VP -
Product Strategies for Miura Golf in North America. "The PP-9003 irons feature
timeless Miura styling and peerless Miura performance, and if you think the visual
impact is strong, wait until you hit it."