More Money for Pros but What About Fans?

The past two weeks have had their share of significant golf news starting with Lee Elder’s death followed by Tiger Woods’ revelation that even made the national morning shows, his days as a full-time touring pro are over. Both stories pushed the PGA Tour’s announcement of a $60 million increase in prize money next season to $427 million out of our attention but did leave unanswered questions concerning the most significant factor in professional golf. Continue reading

Major No-Shows at PGA Show

Planning for the 69th PGA Merchandise Show is well underway, but a list of those renting exhibit space reveals several top companies are missing. The list dated Nov. 18, 2021 does not include the two largest golf equipment companies, Callaway Golf (NYSE: ELY) and Acushnet Holdings Corp. (NYSE: GOLF) nor well-known smaller makers Tour Edge Golf and Wilson Golf. Continue reading

Pro V1s Radio Capture Balls

Making use of a Trackman inside, whether honing your swing, undergoing a sophisticated club fitting, or “playing” simulator games, capturing the ball spin rate has always been a measurement of what is considered unacceptable variability and error. The amount of spin effects other important factors such as carry distance, descent angle and trajectory height. Continue reading