Bridgestone VFIT

Results of VFIT analysis using smartphone slow motion video (Bridgestone Golf)

At the recent PGA Merchandise Show Bridgestone Golf debuted a neat way that ordinary golfers can improve their games and find which Bridgestone ball is best suited for them called VFIT.

Some may react with to this news with less than over-the-top enthusiasm until they find out VFIT is a sophisticated and practical tool even non-tech guys like myself will find easy to use plus there is no charge for the analysis. Continue reading

Bridgestone TOUR B – Reinventing the Tour Ball

Bridgestone Golf has unveiled the 2020 TOUR B family of golf balls and promoting what they are saying is ground breaking technology with the first ever “Smart Cover,“ made with a “smart” urethane. Tagged as the REACTIV cover it is described as an impact modifier that will provide a different amount of spin at different clubhead speeds to produce the best results. Continue reading

Bridgestone Tour B XW-1
Wedges with Biting Rail Grooves

Bridgestone Golf for the 2019 season has introduced a new line of wedges, the XM-1s, that can produce very high ball spin rates for control with the soft feel players want.

Weekend golfers often are in a quandary about wedges. Maybe its they don’t understand the need for precise gapping of lofts or how to solve the mysteries of bounce, but the truth is these clubs though overlooked by some are considered by better players as the basis for their scoring. Continue reading

Bridgestone’s TOUR B JGR Family

After a three-year absence Dan Murphy is back at Bridgestone Golf taking over as president and CEO and he needs to not only bring Bridgestone back from its slide in ball sales but also effectively market the new TOUR B JGR line of clubs. Before leaving in 2015 Murphy helped create the plan promoting ball-fitting for recreational golfers that produced a 250% increase in sales. This gave Bridgestone an almost 20% market share and a comfortable number two spot behind Acushnet. Continue reading

Great Gifts Everyone Will Like to Receive

Callaway Golf Coronado: Callaway has a great line of golf shoes and we like the Coronado priced at $129.95. The microfiber upper is lightweight and waterproof and the midsole is their Opti-soft EVA giving natural ground feel and lots of comfort. The sock liner is especially constructed for heat management and breathability while the TPU Fusion-Lite outsole uses low profile Champ Slim-Lok spikes.

TecTecTec: Don’t purchase the VPRO500 laser rangefinder for $149.99 as a gift just because it is less expensive than many competing distance measuring devices although that’s a good reason. TecTecTec has packed it with lots of features such as it is waterproof, has an ultra-clear 6X magnification lens and is accurate out to 540 yards. It easily captures the flag, a tree next to a layup area or the top of a greenside bunker. The VPRO500 weighs under 7 ounces and fits nicely in the hand plus it has a shock resistance case. There’s even a slope model for $179.99 at

Chase54 Shakespeare Jacket: For on or off the course wear, this full-zip 100% polyester tech fleece jacket looks good and provides water repellant warmth to extend the golf season. Priced at $143 more details may be found at



Bridgestone Tour B – The new Tour B golf balls from Bridgestone has something for everyone. The Tour B X and XS are for low handicappers and the RX and RXS are for mid-to-low handicappers. The price is $45 per dozen and they may be found at most every golf retailer.