Cobra’s MIMed Wedges

Cobra likes to stress the sophistication and ingenuity of their club design process and can point to any number of innovative features over the years as proof with the 2019 KING F9 Speedback family particularly the drivers certainly on that list. Their approach, which often can be labeled “outside-the-box” has led the R&D team headed by Tom Olsavsky to make use of the Metal Injection Molding (MIM) fabrication technique. It is usually employed to make really intricate shapes but now for the first time the entire head of a golf club, the KING MIM Wedge. Continue reading

Good News Third Quarter Equipment

Some observers forget there’s a danger in reading too much into the financial results of a company over the short term especially a publicly traded company whose management is very aware they are being judged on interim results. Add to that if the company is in a stagnant or slow grow industry such as golf equipment, growth only comes from “eating the other guy’s lunch.” In other words, in today’s equipment market you can figure increases in sales often come from a corresponding decrease in sales by another company. Continue reading