Ping G710 Irons

PING G710 gane-improvement category irons (PING)

One Liner:
A game-improvement iron to give moderate swing speed golfers added distance replacing the G700.

Important Tech:
A high strength maraging steel face provides a higher launch with lower spin for more distance. The hollow head has five percent higher MOI (resistance to twisting) than the preceding G700 with the help of internal tungsten weights in hosel and toe. Continue reading

New Tour Edge Irons

Two new irons have been introduced by Tour Edge Golf, a game-improvement category model EXS 220 and the super game-improvement EXS 220h.

“These two new irons sets take us into the realm of offering next-level distance coupled with extreme forgiveness in both game improvement and super game improvement designs,” said David Glod who is both Tour Edge’s president and Master Club Designer. “We have long been a trail blazer in hollow-body irons. These two gorgeous iron designs encompass every performance benefit this emerging technology provides.” Continue reading

MP-20s – “Layers for Feel”

Most muscle back iron designs owe a debt at least in part to Mizuno Golf engineers who over the years have created iconic clubheads with both great looks and the performance pros and low handicappers want. The company has now again come up with an outstanding new iron series the MP-20s which replace the current MP-18s. Continue reading

PXG: “We couldn’t help ourselves”

Last spring when high-end clubmaker Parsons Xtreme Golf, or as it is better known simply PXG, introduced the 0211 line of irons some thought the company was changing its business strategy. The cast rather than forged 0211s are “priced within reach” falling in the upper end of the traditional price spectrum for irons at $225 per club. This makes a set of 4-iron through pitching wedge $1,575 which though expensive is comparably priced to many iron models sold by the major manufacturers. Continue reading

Honma’s Newest Game Improvement Clubs-XP-1

A year ago, golf industry executive Mark King former TaylorMade Golf CEO became a “strategic advisor” for Honma Golf and even without any insider information the reason was apparent. The Japan-based Honma wanted a bigger presence in the American, indeed the world, equipment market. King has now moved on to the top spot at Taco Bell, but he left his imprint on their view of the equipment business. Continue reading

Tiger’s P•7TW Irons
Precision Based Performance

The superlatives applied to Tiger Woods particularly after winning the Masters in April, his 15th major chasing Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18, are often over the top. But one thing is sure though, no player with the possible exception of Ben Hogan has ever had higher standards for his equipment. When Woods signed with TaylorMade Golf in January of 2017 he and the company began a quest to find replacements for the Nike designed blade-style irons he basically had been playing and winning with for 15 years. Continue reading

Patriot Series Irons from Sterling England

One of the benefits of the annual PGA Merchandise Show is having the chance to find unique golf products, ones that separate themselves from the ordinary and usual. In this instance it’s a set of irons the company says reflect that golf is a “gentlemen’s game” with a long history, worthwhile traditions and a heritage deserving of preservation.
SterlingEngland_Sovereig_300x250Having these lofty sentiments in mind Sterling England, headquartered in Chelmsford, Essex, created customized irons for the player wanting something out of the ordinary, indeed a player looking for clubs that stand out from the crowd. For American golfers they accomplished this with their latest, the Patriot Series irons.
In a word, and if that word can be applied to a golf club, they are gorgeous or perhaps a more sophisticated description would be aesthetically pleasing.
In addition to their looks there’s lots of technology and attention to detail in both the design and manufacture. Precision forging of special carbon steel produces heads with an internal grain structure and hardness that give great feel at impact plus the CNC milling of the back cavity also helps with feel and performance. However the most distinctive feature of the Patriot irons is the American eagle design inside the back cavity. Covered in gold leaf, silver or black, it may properly be called a work of art.
Sterling England also makes a Sovereign Series of irons as well with the back cavity art reflecting the company’s British roots.
Ordering of the Patriot Series irons is possible online at, however the company strongly suggests to ensure properly matching your swing it’s best to schedule a fitting session at one the 13 authorized retailers in the U.S. Pricing for an 8-iron set is $2,800 for the silver model, $2,960 in black and $3,000 for gold leaf.