Acushnet’s Union Green – Not About Birdies

Acushnet’s new Union Green golf balls are a “lifestyle” brand targeted at millenials

Acushnet Holdings Corp. (GOLF: NYSE) has two franchise brands, Titleist and FootJoy, that dominate in their respective market segments, golf balls and golf shoes. In the ball business Acushnet’s Pro V1 and Pro V1x are the industry standard played by roughly two-thirds of professionals on the PGA Tour and probably an even higher portion of elite amateurs.

But (you know there’s always a “but”) evidently among the prime demographic target millennial golfers, described as young, occasional players, the brand is perceived as not “cool.” Never one to back away from a challenge, Acushnet is aiming at these millennials with a new ball brand called Union Green and building an image around it nothing like the traditional somewhat staid aura of Pro V1 nor the “It’s All About Distance” of their lower cost Pinnacle. Continue reading